Kayla Williams stumbled upon metalsmithing in 2015 and it quickly evolved into a personal outlet. She lives her own personal life by embracing the imperfections and living it to the fullest.  Kayla began perfecting her skills through experimentation and self-education, without a romantic artistic background.

By 2018, Kayla was ready to debut her namesake collection. Each piece is intended to look and feel handmade. The designs evolve through the process and infuse gritty textures with elevated-edgy but classic styles. 

Each piece is made by using traditional methods and utilizing fine metals such as sterling silver and gold, never plated. All jewelry is handmade in her Atlanta, GA studio. Strong efforts are made to ensure waste is kept to a minimum and metals are recycled.

To see more about the collections and behind the scenes, follow Kayla on Instagram @kaylawilliamsjewelry

behind the scenes

photography: Sabrina Fattal Photography