In 2015, I found myself in San Francisco with my husband and very young children living 2,400 miles away from home.  Out of necessity, I started searching for a creative outlet.  When I came across a video on how jewelry is made, it immediately became an obsession.  I was constantly watching and learning but due to limited resources at the time, it wasn’t until six months later that I’d lite my first torch.  From then my work has been rooted in the principles of; just start, embrace the imperfections, and be fearless.

After moving back to Atlanta, I transformed a small closet in our garage into my studio.  It had a hand-me-down end table and a couple of shelves.  Since then my studio now includes the majority of our garage.

To me, transparency is paramount.  I do not have a romantic artistic background, just a passion to make you jewelry.  What you see in my designs has evolved through self-teaching, exploration, and a ton of help from fellow Metalsmiths.  My style emphasizes a contrast between grit and polish... I choose to embrace the gritty textures because I believe they are true to those life imperfections, and they should be polished to a high shine.  

As KWJ continues to grow, I aspire to disrupt the idea of classic jewelry to include a bold and edgy outlook.  Keeping with elegant and traditional views; jewelry is meant to last, meant to be shared, meant to become heirlooms.

Every piece of KWJ is made from raw metal, by my hands, and never plated.  To me, this represents being authentic and true to oneself.  It also ensures that every piece is truly one of a kind and meant to withstand time. 

To see more about the collections and behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram @kaylawilliamsjewelry

behind the scenes

photography: Sabrina Fattal Photography